Take care of the “Face issue”
Good quality business card and good quality accessories such as cell phone, watch and shoes certainly give you “more face” thus leaving a positive first impression.

Gifts during the initial meetings are not encouraged until you already have cooperation. Meanwhile don’t accept valuable gifts from your Chinese counterpart.

Meeting will be similar to those in "western world" with some differences:
Business relations in China require the "personal contact". It may start with some personal questions "to know each other", you may be asked if you have wife, kids, etc.

Meetings in restaurants (some of your meetings) can differ from those held in company offices. Tips:
- Business lunch is for everyone, business dinner is for the business partners.
- Honored seat is facing the door.
- You may ask for the fork, but it would certainly be a nice gesture if you could use chopsticks.
- You don't have to eat everything that is on the table (They may try to impress or "shock" You).
- There will be a lot of strong drinks meaning they will try to drunk you by "drinking in turns" - if They try, always ask everyone to drink with you the same time. Explain that it is the custom in your homeland.

Business dinner may end at the KTV which is the kind of invitation not recommended to take for maintaining a good professional image. Instead, ask for historical places and tourism sites to visit as respond to your host’s hospitality.

Business agreement should be in written format under contract. Any deposit in advance for a purchase order, not more than 30% and it should be deposit to the company bank account. Take special care for the quality. Always see the factory, not the office...