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How to Measure Woman Size for Custom-made

A Perfect Fit is what every girl needs;
Follow the Guidelines and Learn how to do your measurements right.


Bust: Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape straight across your back.


Waist: Measure around your natural waistline around the narrowest part.


Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape straight and parallel to the floor.

back waist length

Waist length: Measure from the neck point (the collar seam on the shoulderline) across the apex of the breast to the narrowest part of waist)

shoulder width

Shoulder width: Measure the distance between the two shoulder points from the backside.

lower neck girth

Lower neck girth: Measure the circumference of the bottom of neck, circle the tape around neck and close it at the midpoint of the collar bones.


Armhole: Measure the circumference of the entire armhole from the top of the shoulder, down the front of the shoulder, under the arm pit, and up the back of the shoulder.

sleeve length

Sleeve length: Measure the length of your arm from the top of the arm to the desired length.


Length: Measure from the top of the shoulder till whatever length that is required.

breast height

Breast height: Measure from top of shoulder to apex of breast.

Apex distance

Apex distance: Measure distance between apexes of breasts.

Slits length

Slits height: Measure from the bottom of the dress to the desired height.



  • Do not measure yourself. Ask someone for help to ensure accuracy in your measurements.
  • Do not wear bulky clothing (like sweatshirts) or shoes when measuring.
  • Stand straight, feet slightly apart, with weight balanced on both feet.
  • For each measurement, measure around the widest part of the measurement category. E.g. For hips, measure around the largest part of your seat.
  • Hold the tape against the body tight enough so that it does not slip down, but not so tight that it restricts breathing/movement. It should be "snug".
  • Measure in inches.
  • Do not reduce inches! Costumes can always be altered to be made smaller, but fabric cannot be easily added to make a garment larger.